Nikolai Zhivotenko

M.Sc. (Hons), Senior Software Engineer – Mighty Buildings, Inc.


Istanbul, Turkey

I’ve the diversity of experience in the field of scientific research. Have been gained extensive practice results in numerical modeling in the field of mechanics of deformed solids, thermal physics, condensed matter physics, and multi-physical processes.

The main research areas are materials science and technologies for creating new composite materials for 3D printing technology. 3D printing areas — rocket and spacecrafts, civil engineering, biomechanics.

One of the key works was the development of an algorithm for rational and adaptively irregular reinforcement Ariadne for structures of composite materials made by 3D printing. The work was performed jointly with Anisoprint, SARL and Bauman MSTU.

Continued work has shaped the field of topological optimization of composite structures for Mighty Buildings, Inc.

I’ve been a Software Developer for the last 7 years. The main directions are CAE/CAD algorithms and geometric modeling kernel development. I’m engaged in applied tasks of industrial automation - MES/SCADA. The main interests are industrial digital shadows (digital footprints) and digital twins.

I like continuous learning and solving non-standard tasks.

selected publications

  1. Ritz method
    Oct 2021
  2. Numerical modeling deflected mode in the typical construction of small-size spacecrafts from the composite material with rational reinforcement
    N. ZhivotenkoE. Eremina, and A. Sergeeva
    Innovative Development Dec 2017
  3. Crossover from an ordinary ferroelectric to a relaxor ferroelectric in Sr₍₂₊ₓ₎Bi₍₄₋ₓ₎Ti₍₅₋ₓ₎NbₓO₁₈
    S. GridnevN. TolstykhN. Zhivotenko, and 1 more author
    Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences Physics Oct 2016